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All pricing plans cover the data management essentials, with room to grow.

*Please Note: Microsoft Azure Hosting Costs are pass through to the customer and Big Data solutions will incur an additional per query charge above a certain limit.

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#ModuleFeature DescriptionLiteProEnterprise
1SourcesNumber of SourcesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
2UsersNumber of UsersUp to 5Up to 20Unlimited
3Data SecuritySecure to Column LevelYesYesYes
4Data SecuritySecure to Field LevelYesYesYes
5Basic UsageQuery LibraryYesYesYes
6Basic UsageQuery BuilderYesYesYes
7Advanced UsageWorkflow TriggersYes
8Advanced UsageApplication to ApplicationYes
9Basic Data QualityData Steward DashboardsYesYes
10Basic Data QualityBusiness Function Dashboards YesYes
11Basic Data QualityLocal methodsYesYes
12Advanced Data QualityWorkflow NotificationsYes
13Advanced Data QualityExternal API methodsYes
14Data ScienceData Science libraryYes