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Query Library

Welcome to the guide on using the Query Library feature. This guide will walk you through the steps to access and run queries in Crysp IQ. Any query built in the Query tool can be save to the Query Library for future use.

1. Click "Consume"

Start by expanding the Consume Menu item.

Click 'Consume'

2. Click "Data Warehouse Query"

Then select the data warehouse query option.

Click 'Data Warehouse Query'

3. Click "Library"

Now click on the "Library" tab to access the query library.

Click 'Library'

4. Run a query stored in the library

Click on the "Run" button to execute the query

Run a query stored in the library

5. Click "chevron_right"

The query results will be shown below the ANSI SQL text. Use the navigation buttons to view more results.

Click 'chevron_right'

In this guide, you learned how to use the Query Library feature in Crysp IQ.